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About It’s an all Boy Asian AU(alternate universe) RP. Kimochi Club Academy is surrounded by a lake, vast fields, and a small town. Students will have responsibilities such as cleaning duties and taking care of the barn animals. Everyone is a student here this means nobody RP's teachers, staff or locals except the mods. But don’t worry, there is no homework or lessons, or stupid shit like that. It’s just student life at a beautiful school where anything is possible. Just have fun outside the classroom!


This is an AU(alternate universe) RP. This means that YOUR U-Know is actually Jung Yunho the student, and not U-Know the entertainer, ya know?

NO GODMODDING. This means that YOUR Yunho does NOT have superhuman powers, so he cannot predict the replies/moves of the other muses. NO KILLING.
BAD: *Yunho predicted BLAH BLAH’s moves, and dodges his super punch. He then pulls out a gun and BAM he shoots and BLAH BLAH is dead.*

YAOI IS GOOD. Sorry folks but it’s an all boys’ school…what did you expect?

FOUR(4) muses to a mun/player. You can only claim one member per group. Example: You cannot claim all of JYJ!

FYI: Mods will use ONE of their FOUR muse as an authority figure. Which will allow us to go in any post as this muse! keke Yes, we're evil that way...but it's only fun, right?

You can hold on to a muse for one(1) week. If he’s not being used/played, then he is up for grabs by anyone else. Be advised that you will not receive a warning message from the mods. This rule applies from the first time you request your muse.

If you inform us(Mods or fellow RPers) of your hiatus, your muse will be reserved. You can let us know in the claim post, rp post or PM.

The mods will choose who you room with, because it’s so much more fun that way!

Note: If muses end up clashing, that’s JUICY! If players end up clashing, that’s BAD! So, if you have a problem with the player let us know (kindly and calmly) we don’t want to make anyone feel personally uncomfortable.

Behind the Character Rules:

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